700x25c (700-25) Midnight Black


Our all new 700x25c tire has the lowest low rolling resistance in our line up. With a ride feel of 100 PSI, the 25mm delivers great efficiency with slightly more cushioning than our high-performance 23c tire making it perfect for serious road cyclists who want a more comfortable/faster ride.

The New Slick provides superb grip in all riding conditions and like all solid Tannus Tires, is completely puncture-proof and extremely durable.

The 700×25 is designed for a modern, wider rim.

The Tannus 25c is perfect for commuting, training, recreation and even racing on your favorite set of road bike wheels.

  • New Tread Design for Maximum performance
  • 100% Flat Free
  • 9000+ km range
  • Locking Pin Technology®
  • Uniform Nano Compound
  • 100psi equivalent hardness
  • installation tool and locking pins included
  • weight: 434 grams
  • Compatible with ALU clincher road rims with 16-18mm inner width

 12 Amazing colours coming soon!

*price per single tire

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The New Slick is made using patented puncture proof resin called Aither 1.1 that allows the New Slick design to replicate the weight and resistance of a standard tire and be the only airless bicycle tire to weigh the same as the standard tire, tube, and rim-strip combination. In addition to the minimal weight and resistance, the Slick repels the elements and provides a guaranteed 5000 miles of flat proof riding. The New Slick even excels in wet conditions with increased grip and also offers no stretching in the heat.

Without the worry for flats, the New sllick can be used for today’s wider rims accommodating a wider size than other Tannus tires.  It’s perfect for commuting over pesky cobblestones in Roubaix and glass shards in New York back-alleys.  It has been hailed by our racers as the best handling tire of all the Tannus tires.  This is the perfect training tire for those aspiring road racers who want to push themselves harder without ever having to pump up their tires again.

Additional information

Weight 434 g
Dimensions 29 × 12 × 29 cm

Midnight Black

Required inner rim width